About us

As Italians say, signature of the true Italian cuisine is defined by three criteria: simplicity, taste and the cook’s passion for his creed. Cuisine of “Da Vinci” Italian restaurant undeniably unites all these!

 The mastermind, who was directly involved in drafting the restaurant’s menu, equipping kitchen and selecting the highest quality groceries, is Italian Remo Matsukato, who is famous in Europe and now in Moscow. Remo is a brilliant chief; at different times he has been a co-owner of restaurants in Berlin, Italy, Spain and Moscow. He has worked in Moscow’s legendary restaurant “MARIO” at Rublyovka for five years; currently he is a co-owner and a chief of “Piazza Italiana” – a signature restaurant, which Moscow celebrities and political elite are so fond of. Dishes created by Remo are exclusive and inimitable.

 The chief: Currently our restaurant’s chief is Remo’s right-hand man – Mikhail Minbaev – a person, who committed his life to cuisine. As Remo used to say, Mikhail is his best student, a cook who takes cooking with passion. This is absolutely true!

 Menu of “Da Vinci” Italian cuisine restaurant is original and unique. For example, you will not find the expected branzino and dorado on our menu. Kamchatka is rich in seafood and it come to your table almost right from the sea. Such valuable fish as cod, halibut, flatfish and salmon cooked according to traditional Italian recipes make delicious and inimitable dishes. This is not to mention Kamchatka crab! Besides, the menu is broadened with dishes made of Kamchatka deer, fern, squid, red caviar and porcini mushrooms, which make it more exquisite and varied.

 Our wine list is drafted by famous Moscow sommelier Aleksander Zubkov. Currently Aleksander is a sommelier at Moscow restaurant “Piazza Italiana”.

 We cooperate only with reputable companies such as SIMPLE and FORT. Our wine list features a line of wines and champagnes by elite wineries assembled in a dedicated premium list. The wine list also offers a broad selection of well-known wines, which are more affordable, but do not pander in quality to their more distinguished counterparts. The wines were carefully selected with a view on gustatory combinations with our dishes.

 Our guests: Those who appreciate truly high quality and delicious food.

 Atmosphere: A perfect solution for a calm rest, meetings with friends and colleagues, negotiations and special events (not involving noise).

 For your information: In 2016 and 2017, we received the award “Quality certificate” by TripAdvisor. It came unexpected, because we are not after awards and prizes; we are committed to doing what we do the best way we can.

We always enjoy working for our guests!

Address: Russia, Kamchatka krai, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky,
prospekt 50 let Oktyabrya 16/1, TK «Parus», 4th floor.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday: 12:00–00:00
Friday, Saturday: 12:00–02:00